Global Clinical Experience Inc is a not-for-profit organization . GCEI organizes reciprocal educational exchange programs for colleges and university students their field of study especially students in the Health field through partnerships with government agencies and private agencies in many countries.

Our various  programs include  Clinical Observation, Residency , Internships , Short Study, Educational seminars and Health Advocacy in some selected countries that allows students and communities to benefit from an international partnership with various institutions and organizations which increase the awareness of other cultures; enhance language proficiency; foster global awareness and promote personal growth.

The aim of Global Clinical Experience Inc is to promote the development of young people from all over the world in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities through Education and Culture.

GCEI with it partners provides a comprehensive set of academic, social, and a one-on-one support to the students. Global Clinical Experience Inc addresses the barriers that can stand in the way of students and the potential for a brighter future by providing leadership, expertise and a community-based program proven to lower dropout rates in those countries operating.

We believe success in the medical field is about linking education and extensive exposure to maladies that impacts the people of the world. Aspiring medical professionals can gain invaluable experience in a setting they won’t find in their home country.

We have a partnership with hospitals in our destination countries to provide our healthcare observation-ship  abroad with a hands-on learning experience, travel, exposure to a different culture, and to developing interpersonal skills.

We will see to it that you’ll have a fun spell inserted in your taxing time and daunting tour of duty. Feel that sense of accomplishment for being a part of improving the quality of life of poor people. Relieve the burden of disease in places that are barely reached by medical aid abroad.

We ensure that you benefited more than your placement fee by attaining personal and professional growth. You will bring back these important skills to become better medical practitioners.

Global Clinical Experience Inc is dedicated to helps students and people in the health care through education, training  (Observation/Clinical/Residency) and professional development of the health workforce.

Our vision is to provide structured observation/clinical programs that will bring in the opportunity for a hands-on learning experience in a different setting, handling a variety of cases, technique and training which can help you achieve your dream job in the chosen field. We make sure that you will get to engage with professionals to enhance your knowledge and skills.

GCEI partner hospitals have staff with highly qualified health care professionals who demonstrate the highest standards of professional and personal conduct. They have sensitivity and respect for the cultural and social beliefs of students coming for programs.

Programs vary according to the needs of the student and the educational priorities identified. However, there are certain principles that apply across all programs:

  • Training will focus on students specialityor field of study.
  • Practices, procedures and skills taught will be both relevant and realistic.
  • Programswill promote lifelong learning;
  • Whenever possible, programswill focus on training personnel who will assume the roles of both educator and provider.

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