Our Partners Midwifery Mentorship service provides the learners with 1:1 in-person education support. Midwifery Mentorship experiences transform knowledge from the classroom into patient care expertise. The hospital staff will work directly alongside the student in order to spark connections between what they’re learning and the patients they’re caring for.Midwifery mentorship works best along with classroom learning. The hospital staff can build on classroom knowledge while they work in their actual practice environments, caring for their actual patients.

Global Clinical Experience Inc with their partner institutions share these moral beliefs with midwives who care and are willing to share their skills to help the people of the world. Our student-friendly placement rates will connect you with people in dire need of your medical attention. We will bring you to the any of our destinations to provide you with the experience that will help you to become better medical practitioner. You will gain these benefits during your journey to acquire new skills:​

  • Maternal delivery
  • Impart knowledge about caring for infants
  • Teach breastfeeding techniques
  • Orient locals of family planning
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Immerse in a different culture